Old Meets New

Hi Guys!

Moving here, we’ve had to make a lot of changes to our lifestyle. One of it is not having a car, and getting around through public transit or Uber. Most of the time, a simple trip to a nearby town would eventually turn into a grocery run. Doesn’t sound so bad, unless your carrying bags of groceries around SUNNY Singapore.

So far his day is starting off well…he’s about to be THAT person.


Over the weekend, we spent the day at Tiong Bahru, an old meets new kind of town filled with both historical shops and architecture as well as boutique stores and cafes.

It’s definitely a great place to try out a Hawker (a food court filled with local eateries…think street food, a lot of food!),IMG_0679

Vintage Bookstores,IMG_0685

Cafes and Bakeries,IMG_3684

And check out adorable boutique shops and restaurants.IMG_3683

I just can’t get over how cute this place is…there’s even coffee shops around every corner! I also saw a few dogs there so I’m planning on bringing little Samson with me next time.

Big shout out goes to the hubby for carrying the groceries around. Thanks for stopping by!

Love always,



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