A Beautiful Memory to Keep in My Phuket

Our weekend trip to Phuket, Thailand was amazing. There’s definitely a lot of things to do there and we are hoping to cover even more on another holiday. In Phuket, the beaches, massages and food are a must. My husband and I made it a point to eat a lot of Pad Thai, Papaya Salad and drink lots of Thai coconuts.

We stayed at a beach resort along Kata Beach and the view and location was perfect. Our first day, we spent most of it relaxing along the beach.



At the end of the night, a couple of my husband’s friends took us to Patong…kind of a mix of both the Las Vegas strip and New Orleans, Bourbon Street together. We had a fabulous time and let’s just say I checked something off of my bucket list.

Our next day was recovery day. We started off the day by checking out a hole in the wall restaurant that was recommended by Trip Advisor. Initially we were the only non locals there and were a bit intimidated with ordering our food but the lady at the counter was so sweet and helpful. We ordered 3 dishes equivalent to 5USD and it was by far the best Thai food that we’ve ever had! 



Afterwards, we ended up back at the beach again.

For dinner, my husband’s friend took us to Rawai pier for seafood. On our way there, we had a good view of the Big Buddha. At Rawai, we picked out our seafood from the vendors, then picked a restaurant to have it cooked. It was definitely an experience, the seafood was amazing!!! 

And finally we tried Thai ice cream!!! It was so cool to finally see this being made aunthentically. 

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Thailand is beautiful! We had an amazing time in Phuket and will definitely be back! 


Love always,



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