Samson’s Move to Singapore

Samson here!

Since I’m taking over my mom’s blog, I thought that this would be the best time to tell you about my journey to Singapore. It was “ruff” but I hung in there, and it was all worth it.

It all began when my dad got this pretty dope promotion. We we’re super stoked! My mom had to start planning and said that it took atleast 4-5 months just for me alone. She had to get all my requirements through the AVA  and made sure that my vet took care of everything. She even had to fly out to LA for the day just to get my documents reviewed and stamped through the USDA. Apparently there’s no office where I’m from, and everything needed to be done within a certain timeframe. My parents even had to hire a pet mover in Singapore and a export agent in the US just to get me on the same plane as them. They helped to make sure that all my documents were there, booked my spot in quarantine, and made sure that I met the requirements and made it safely on and off the plane. My mom said it wasn’t cheap, but I’m a momma’s boy and I go wherever my momma goes.

While I watched my mom and dad pack up my things in my childhood home, I was pretty sad. I liked my house! I loved running up and down the stairs, having my own room and a backyard to potty. It was pretty awesome and I miss it!

Here’s a throwback of me watching my parents pack.


As you can see, my mom didn’t have a chance to take me to the groomers. But that’s okay! I look good in a man bun…I’ll rock that anyday!

The day of the move was “ruff”… My parents prayed for me and dropped me off at cargo before the flight. When I landed at our first destination, this dude picked me up (my mom said that was the export agent). He loaded up my food bins with ice just in case I got thirsty and put me on another plane. After the long flight I finally landed in Singapore. Another dude picked me up and brought me to quarantine.

I wasn’t ready, but he snapped a pic of me and sent it to my mom and dad just to let them know that I was okay.


Once I got to Sembawang Quarantine, I realized it wasn’t so bad. They had a nice yard to run in and I even had an air conditioned room. I was still adjusting to the humidity…but I did okay. When my parents made it out to see me, I was soooo happy that I couldn’t stop wagging my tail! I missed them so much!  At the end of the visit, I didn’t want them to leave me again…but you gotta do what you gotta do.

At the end of the 10 days in quarantine, another dude from the pet moving agency picked me up and dropped me off to my parents. And that was the end of it. My momma was happy to have me back in her arms. We moved into my new crib the next week and I was excited to see that there was a yard, it was bigger than the one at my old house!


Happy to be here!



Samson takes on Marina Barrage

Samson here!

My mom has been slacking lately so I decided to help her out a little. Last weekend my parents took me out to Marina Barrage. The weather wasn’t super sunny and super hot, it was perfect! This is definitely one of my favorite places in Singapore so far, I enjoyed the walk, the kites  and having a picnic with my mom and dad.  Even though I had to be stuck on a leash the whole time, I got to meet other doggy friends and have a beautiful Sunday afternoon with my parents.

To my other doggy friends:

  • Tell your parents to bring a lot of water
  • A picnic blanket or mat
  • And food…not only for humans but for doggies too
  • If you get lost, just follow the kites (trust me)


See…super fun! This face makes my mom’s heart melt. ALL.THE.TIME.


Look at that view!!!


Check it out!


Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork Lettuce Wraps

It’s been about 7 months since my husband, Samson and I have made the move here to Singapore and unfortunately, I’m still jobless and praying and waiting for that door to open. So in the meantime, I’ve been trying to cook dinners that are hubby approved while trying to be a good homemaker…and boy has it been a challenge. When it comes to cooking, I’m not the most gifted, but I do know how to put a sandwich together! 

Honestly, I do have a lot of time on my hands and I find myself spending most of it on Pinterest. One of the best recipes, that I managed to come by are Pulled Pork Lettuce Wraps. Not quick…but easy! Super easy!

So I started by making a Simple Roasted Pork Shoulder. I used a recipe from Food Network.

This is super easy, but the lengthiest (about 4-5 hours). Just season it up, throw it in the oven, and choose a movie or two, or a season to catch up on, on Netflix! 

Earlier in the day, I picked up Kim Chee from the food basement at Takashimiya (this place is amazing!!!) and washed butter lettuce to wrap the yummy goodness in.

So after 4 hours you end up with this yummy pork roast. It doesn’t look as beautiful as Food Network…but hey, I’m trying! (I probably put even more garlic that was recommended in the recipe…I like garlic). 

Pork Roast

Shred it up…

Pulled Pork

And now throw in some Kim Chee. (I choose daikon and garlic stalks…I really do like garlic)

Kim Chee

Take all of these and anything else that your heart desires…and wrap it all in a butter lettuce cup.

Pulled Pork Lettuce Wraps

And there you have it! A simple and easy pulled pork lettuce cup that’s hubby approved…and hopefully Keto approved.



Phuket Thailand

A Beautiful Memory to Keep in My Phuket

Our weekend trip to Phuket, Thailand was amazing. There’s definitely a lot of things to do there and we are hoping to cover even more on another holiday. In Phuket, the beaches, massages and food are a must. My husband and I made it a point to eat a lot of Pad Thai, Papaya Salad and drink lots of Thai coconuts.

We stayed at a beach resort along Kata Beach and the view and location was perfect. Our first day, we spent most of it relaxing along the beach.



At the end of the night, a couple of my husband’s friends took us to Patong…kind of a mix of both the Las Vegas strip and New Orleans, Bourbon Street together. We had a fabulous time and let’s just say I checked something off of my bucket list.

Our next day was recovery day. We started off the day by checking out a hole in the wall restaurant that was recommended by Trip Advisor. Initially we were the only non locals there and were a bit intimidated with ordering our food but the lady at the counter was so sweet and helpful. We ordered 3 dishes equivalent to 5USD and it was by far the best Thai food that we’ve ever had! 



Afterwards, we ended up back at the beach again.

For dinner, my husband’s friend took us to Rawai pier for seafood. On our way there, we had a good view of the Big Buddha. At Rawai, we picked out our seafood from the vendors, then picked a restaurant to have it cooked. It was definitely an experience, the seafood was amazing!!! 

And finally we tried Thai ice cream!!! It was so cool to finally see this being made aunthentically. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thailand is beautiful! We had an amazing time in Phuket and will definitely be back! 


Love always,


Old Meets New

Hi Guys!

Moving here, we’ve had to make a lot of changes to our lifestyle. One of it is not having a car, and getting around through public transit or Uber. Most of the time, a simple trip to a nearby town would eventually turn into a grocery run. Doesn’t sound so bad, unless your carrying bags of groceries around SUNNY Singapore.

So far his day is starting off well…he’s about to be THAT person.


Over the weekend, we spent the day at Tiong Bahru, an old meets new kind of town filled with both historical shops and architecture as well as boutique stores and cafes.

It’s definitely a great place to try out a Hawker (a food court filled with local eateries…think street food, a lot of food!),IMG_0679

Vintage Bookstores,IMG_0685

Cafes and Bakeries,IMG_3684

And check out adorable boutique shops and restaurants.IMG_3683

I just can’t get over how cute this place is…there’s even coffee shops around every corner! I also saw a few dogs there so I’m planning on bringing little Samson with me next time.

Big shout out goes to the hubby for carrying the groceries around. Thanks for stopping by!

Love always,


The Next Chapter

Hi Guys!

Welcome to my blog! So it’s been about 3 months ago from when we packed our things, got Samson (our pup) ready and moved from Las Vegas, Nevada to begin our new chapter across the world in Singapore. It was one heck of a move that took a lot of packing and planning but we are here, settling into our new home and taking in what this new country has to offer.

Although I already miss my life in Las Vegas, I cannot complain about the new adventures and experiences that lie ahead of us.

Just to name a few, here are some of the things that we’ve done so far


we’ve toured the Marina Bay Sands,


walked along Gardens by the Bay,


tried the infamous Singaporean Chili Crab at Jumbos (those buns on the side were AMAZING!),


and visited Sentosa!


During this new journey, I’ll update this blog on our lives here as first time expats, and of course our little pup, Samson. Thanks for stopping by!

Love always,